Current Guitar and Ukulele Students

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Some of the Current Students I have so far. Students start off by plucking simple melodies, then move on to playing chords and they get to strum and sing after a while.

Great to have this batch of students in my list.

Guitar and Ukulele Students

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Here’s some of my current Guitar and Ukulele Students

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Personally I have been teaching full time for the last 12 years. It is a great joy seeing students able to play their favourite songs after a couple of lessons. Its what keeps me going for so long.




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Guitar Lessons at Huamin Primary

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Its been 1 year at Huamin Primary.

Great kids, great time with them! The Guitar Lessons with them are fun!

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Guitar/Ukulele Classes Call Derek 97450740 Email

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These are some Guitar and Ukulele classes I have done over the years.

These are the photos taken during these Guitar and Ukulele Lessons.


October 4, 2011 2 comments

The thing that i enjoy most about playing the guitar is fingerstyle.

This means that the chords and melody are played together as a solo piece.

I think its a natural progression for a student to play solo pieces, once having mastered strumming.

Its tough, technically demanding, but loads of fun!

The Soprano Ukelele

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I guess when anyone wants to buy a ukelele, they would like to get the soprano size. My advice is this, get a bigger ukelele, like a concert or tenor size. After teaching ukelele for some years now, i feel that a bigger sized ukelele will be easier to control and play on. Students learning the ukelele will have an easier time.

Also, buy ukeleles with Aquila strings. They sound better and are softer.

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ukelele student

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