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White Sands, 14 Days and counting

Performance is coming soon, Nov 14….just need to make sure they get the two songs right. First song was okaez, second song was a disaster. Really tired now. Thank God Ms Reg msged me this morning to wake me up, really nice girl. Then went to collect guitars at some godforsaken hour. BTW, havent talked to Ms Chan for a long long time. We go way back, back when i was a lifeguard. I wonder how is she now. wish I can meet up with her for dinner soon. Pepsi is going to the vet tonight. hope the vet wldnt do anything. i wish she wld pass away at home, not at the vet’s. 15 years I had her. Part of the family. My mum is really going to miss her when she’s gone.
Pepsi used to console me whenever I was sad, jumping into my lap when I was crying, looking at me and wondering what was wrong, and then licking my tears away….Its really been a long and fruitful journey with her these 15 years…..

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  1. Nur Natasha
    October 31, 2008 at 5:40 am

    pepsi muz b a realli cute dog. even thou im malay i still like dogs soo cute~!

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