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Super Late Today

Woke up super late Today…class is at 10.30, woke up like 10.00. Had to take a cab down. Wasted another 8 bucks. Bryan is doing really well now. 8 yrs old and he is playing quite well.
Thinking of bleaching my hair again. My mum was like dyeing her hair last nite and i was like, ” Do u have any extra bleach around in the house….?” Going to get that bottle of bleach from Watson’s later. Meeting Pearlyn for lunch. Havent met her for over four months. Hope its a good lunch, cos im starving! Going to YMCA after that and then to Kolam Ayer CC. Im taking a break tmr, so have to inform the students that Im not going. Im tired…overweight and in need of exercise….all the junk food is doing me in…better go to Uncle Richard’s place tmr…havent met him for over three months. well…there goes the weekend….

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  1. Nur Natasha
    October 31, 2008 at 5:42 am

    lol cher overweight… muz get in shape hor!

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