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okay here goes

Hi, for all you students out there who wish to noe more about me, here goes. I was born on 17th february 1982, star sign aquarius, which means Im totally emotional, unpredictable and really random. I studied in opera estate pri school before moving on to Temasek Secondary. For those of you who are thinking of going to this secondary school, i would say it is an okay choice but there are other better schools. I have two dogs at home(namely Pepsi and Happy), as well as a turtle(though I havent named the turtle). I live with my dearest mummy in Bedok(so next time if you are in the area, try looking for me). My passion in life is guitar as you guys would have known and sports(namely tennis and swimming). I think God has been kind to me thru the years, but yes, I have made some really stupid mistakes in the past and that is why I am always nagging you students to study hard…

At this point of time, yes and you guys guessed it, I am still single. Yes, I do have my target on someone but unfortunately, shes taken, so the case is closed. I am what you call a guy who thinks too much, too much reading in between the lines, which is not good for a guy cos guys are supposed to be straightforward. I may seem very happy and crazy to you guys but deep inside, I worry about alot of things…I think it is just a outer image that i keep, to be happy in front of students so that they will be happy too….

Right now, I am just keeping my fingers crossed that Friday’s performance will be a successful one. You guys have been my pride and joy for the last six months and after Friday, I will have to say goodbye to you all. So whatever happens in the future, I will always remember the times we shared in school and I wish you all the best in secondary school. Hope we will meet again. Cheers 🙂 Derek Goh

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  1. vanessa leong
    November 10, 2008 at 9:10 am

    cool 1st comment…haha and my bday is also on the 17th……nov..and i hav a dog too ..his name’s barky…mini schnauzer…anyway gd luck with ur ’emotional life’ peace out =p

  2. Kylie
    November 12, 2008 at 9:36 am

    well … hi i am kye lyn.my bday is on the 16 of nov. although i don hav a dog, i hav fishes.i also hav a turtle n it is big. when i say tat it is big, i mean big.hehe.vanessa is my best fren her b-day is one day after mine . cool right?n i also hope tat me n the rest of the pupils can attend your weddin.LOL

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