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White Sands is Fun

Just had my first two days at white sands. First thing i noticed there, some of the girls are sooo tall, taller than me lor…..the guys, well, they look like Primary 4 kids….short haha, but i guess they will grow alot this year…..kids nowadays just grow too fast, whatever happened to me, i really donoe. As compared to last year’s bunch, this year’s a little slower, just could show them two chords on the first lesson, even Mdm Trina also said this year’s bunch is slower. But I had a good class today, almost all of them could get it…..Had been eating nasi padang at the school for the last two days, its the only stall I like. Then went to get my favourite apple juice again, just love it…..wish they could get new guitars, the condition is like pathetic lor…..going back on thursday again…..really hope to do more with them. I just have to get used to waking up early in the morning again. Monday was like really tiring, but I guess its worth it.

New Songs this year. Examples include Always be My Baby-David Cook and Thunder-Boys like Girls. So yeah I guess the kids will like it, though my voice hasnt improved. I suck at singing.

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