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Hi people, sorry i was really busy over the last few weeks, so really didnt have time to sit down and update my blog. Things have changed so quickly over these last few weeks. I’m no more teaching in schools as now I’m under a music school. Classes are coming in fast and furious. Its amazing that things are happening so fast. Would really like to thank the BIG GUY up there who has really been taking care of me.

Ive gone into a routine where I wake up every morning and know what I have to do for the day. The interest in my instruments has come back. I’m starting to play guitar, piano and drums everyday now. Life has turned out pretty well and yes, I should save up more money.

There is a purpose in life for me. I think teaching and playing are the only things that I do best. Yes, I still do need to get over the self confidence part, but hey, its getting better. Thanks to all the people who have been encouraging me and supporting me.

I also bought myself a PSP. its funny cos I havent been playing games over the last 7 years, after I threw out my computer. Haha I’m hooked now on the games. Its addictive man. At least its an avenue where I can vent my frustrations or just to relax. Still a young boy at heart……

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  1. lazydaez
    July 11, 2009 at 2:47 am

    hello mr busy!

    looks like things are working out well for you! =)

    and how old already… still playing PSP -.-”

    take care ya?

  2. Nigel
    July 15, 2009 at 3:55 pm


    when will the class outing be? lolz

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