More about the Ukelele

The Ukelele – It is a four stringed guitar like instrument.

There are four sizes of the Ukelele

Soprano, Tenor, Concert and Baritone( Note that the Baritone Ukelele has a different tuning).

Ukelele Playing

I guess when most people think of the Ukelele, its about strumming chords and singing along. The countless Youtube videos show many people all over the world doing so.

But I guess what i really like about the Ukelele is playing it Fingerstyle. That means playing the chords and the melody together, as a solo piece, with no singing involved.

Artistes like James Hill are icons in Ukelele Playing.

Point to note: If you want to strum and sing, choose a soprano ukelele. For fingerstyle playing, choose a tenor or concert ukelele.

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